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About Me;


My name is Anya Khan and I am the founder and Administrator of this blog. I post new books in this blog about Qiamah, Dajjal (Antichrist), Hazrat Eisa A.S (Jesus), and Freemasonries. I am from Pakistan, my qualification is B.An in Statistics and Economics. I am serving as a Junior Clerk in a special court at Judiciary. . There is no other contributor/author who contributes to this blog. I am a book lover and reading different kinds of books, is my hobby. My favorite books are about End of times and the true stories of secret agencies like Million Dollar Spy.

About This Blog;

The Kutubistan.blogspot.com was launched on 16 January 2013 by myself only. In this blog, I have just shared the download links and “read on-line” links of the books. I have uploaded many of these books while some books are uploaded by other ones and I just share links to those books. All the books uploaded by me were already available free on the Internet which means that I am not involved in the scanning of any book. In this blog, I neither share any book of Qadiani’s nor Shia’s. Many Islamic books are satisfied but there are some controversial books, however, I have tried to share the links about the authors of some books. Before reading an Islamic book you should ask your local Islamic scholar about the author of the book and its reading.
This blog is distinguished from other blogs of books because, in this blog, I did not share just links and pictures of the book but also wrote a brief review of the book as well as some information of the writer/author of the book. I have also drawn an information table about the book like, Book Name, Author name, Book Format, Book Size, and a number of pages in a book. Similarly, I have also posted the sample pages and index/contents of the book due to which you can easily check that what the book is about? and what is written inside the book. I try my best to share more info about the book.

The Idea of this Blog

One day I was searching for some Interesting, wonderful and amazing books. I found a book “Bermuda Tikon Aur Dajjal” (the Bermuda triangle and Antichrist). I found this book a very informative one for the Muslims, then I started searching for more similar books and fortunately, I found a few books about End of Times according to Islam. I realize the importance of these books for Muslims. I wanted to spread these books to other Muslims and then I manage this blog and once again I would like to thank Google’s Blogger for providing such a great platform.
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